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I'd like to point out: The naming conventions of ASUS suck. The got like a million models, which differ only by a letter in their name and one tiny technical fact. No explanation is given as to which letter means what. Try to find a suitable computer that way.

Well, I chose the top seller on Amazon, a cheap, little dude called R105D. It's not even on the international site of ASUS. It is on the Indian site however, whatever that might mean. I think it's name is 1005PXD in the U.S.  There were other interesting models, but they were more expensive by at least 100 bucks. They still won't be able to run much more than a browser and a writer at the same time, I think.

If it sucks, I'll just send it back.

I just need it to write my stuff and maybe browse a little web without clogging up the "family computer." It should be enough for that cause. And it'll surely be able to run the good, old games. X-Com 1 Ufo Defense, here I come again. Isn't it ridiculous how the best stuff in cartoons, games, music etc. is old, and the new stuff is plain crap.

Speaking of crap. What's the use of those bloody "tablet" computers? I don't get it. Alright, you look like Geordi La Forge if you carry it around. I'd proceed shouting about warp core breaches and our supply of dilithium. The question is: which sensible work can you do with such a thingy?
Krabbenperle Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011
don't forget the 100%-La-Forge-Notebook-Gimmick :la: it was awesome!
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June 20, 2011