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Okay, the Asus EEE R105D (aka 1005PXD) does work indeed. Here's something I learned in this short frame of time.

Do not try to use Linux on a Netbook, except you're like the Godfather of computing or something. I do know quite a bit, albeit obviously not enough. And I'm too lazy to read like 200 pages, configure 20 files... no, the lousy 'disable backlight'-button still doesn't do jack.

1. It'll cause your HDD to retract heads all the time, only to move them back online a blink afterwards, hundred times an hour. I don't think the disk would survive that for too long.
2. The screen backlight flickers or shows other erratic behavior. Webcam does work out of the box (wow!), networking, internal microphone... nope.
3. Power consumption is almost doubled from Windows usage. Forget about laptop-mode-tools.
4. After overwriting the MBR to get rid of GRUB, he killed the so-called "Recovery Partition." It is (or was) a stupid piece of crap, in existence because the manufacturers are too lazy to press DVDs nowadays. So now you can't even re-install Windows without some major investment of time and nerves, getting a W7-ISO, copying it on an USB medium, shoot yourself in the knee to get it bootable etc.

So, yeah, lesson learned, should have used W7 from the start. That would've saved the disk a great deal of unneeded stress, and myself a few more gray hairs. We live to learn, right?


I wonder when I'll find a calm moment again to continue writing. It's been a week, and my head bursts with ideas.
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Submitted on
June 27, 2011