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Update DollZone MSD body sold, Shoyo2 head still available; Momo on hold for negotiations

The items I'd like to sell are as follows:

1. DollZone Shoyo2 - head only

- factory face-up
- normal skin
- bought in December 2009, arrived around February 2010

Price: 74 USD + Shipping

2. Dollmore Suntan Momo - on hold

- factory face-up
- suntan skin
- bought and arrived in June 2010

Price: 270 USD + Shipping

The dolls will be sent nude, in their original box and with a random pair of acrylic eyes. Their condition is great, there are no stains, chips or any damages. They were neither exposed to smoke nor animals. Direct sunlight has been avoided as much as possible.

I'm situated in Eastern Germany, so shipping would probably be by DHL, with tracking and insurance, of course. Shipping costs depend on your location. As for payment, I accept PayPal.

Also, I'm interested in trading for female SDs. Especially Soom girls (MDs, Kyrie, Gena), DoT Delphine or Tender Shall... either their heads or as a whole - I'm willing to pay the difference.

Please note me if you are interested or got any questions at all;
tell your friends if they might be interested.

Thank you so far.
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Submitted on
May 1, 2011